Warrior nun season 2 release date

Warrior Nun Season 2 Update: The giant streaming platform is back with a different kind of concept which turned to be a great blockbuster. Created by, Simon Barry, the series takes down the inspiration from the character of the comic book, Warrior Nun Areala. It is the work of by Ben Dunn. The show is filmed by Andalusia Spain, which include, Antequera.

Now, the lead is a tetraplegic nun who gets to know that she posses supernatural powers. Owing to this revelation she is made to join an ancient community of nuns who try to subjugate the evil of the world.

warrior nun season 2 release date

However, the heart warming reactions from the critics and viewers highlight that the series was a real hit. Presently, the show has a huge fan following and the series freaks are waiting for a fresh new arrival of the next season soon.

The show was renewed once again for season 2 on, August 19 Now looking at the alarming Covid situation we cannot anticipate a quicker release than the span of December and March The show has received a rating of 6. This indeed is not a poor rating of a show, bearing the particular concept.

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Song Exploder: Release date and all information you need to know! Comment Share This! Yellowstone Season 4: Kayce star shares the one thing he loves about working with Kevin Costner 2 days ago. Horror Directors have turned into delightful characters from Pixar 3 days ago.Netflix has been turning some of our favorite books and comic into new live-action shows, so it's not too surprising to hear that they brought Warrior Nun to life. After her death, year-old Ava finds out that she now has the ability to fight against demons.

However, when her new abilities come with powerful enemies that are out to use her power for evil, she aligns herself with some brand new allies who are there for her every step of the way. So will Warrior Nun come back again for another season? And what can we expect next with Ava and her friends?

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It's officially happening! Warrior Nun has been renewed for a second season by Netflix and the cast actually had a virtual get together when they found out the news. Trust us when we say that you don't want to miss seeing their faces when they get told that the show will be coming back. Just in case you needed a lil sunbeam of positivity in your day: watch the Warrior Nun cast get the news that they've been renewed for a second season pic.

It's a little tricky to say when the show might return since it only just got a renewed and the ongoing COVID pandemic still has productions on pause.

warrior nun season 2 release date

However, if filming is able to start right away, there's a good chance fans will only have to wait a year to see what happens to their favorite characters. So it's a good guess to say that season two might be released in July The season finale of Warrior Nun left us wondering what is next for the warrior sisters as they go up against Adriel at the Vatican.

With Father Vincent's big reveal that he was actually following Adriel's plans all along, not only were they betrayed by one of their closest members of their team, but he is also the reason why they ended up in this mess in the first place. Meanwhile, Jillian will no doubt try to find a way to contact her son again, while Mother Superion tries to figure out who else betrayed them after finding out that Pope Duretti had nothing to do with Adriel coming back.

With the warrior sisters going up against Adriel in the finale, it's a little tough to say who we'll be seeing back after that big fight. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Everyone Who's Performing at Biden's Inauguration.

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You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Fans had anticipated an early renewal considering that season one of Warrior Nun hits the top 10 most-watched series on Netflix immediately after its release. So, get ready for some more demon-fighting action. Netflix officially confirms the second season of Warrior Nun via a tweet.

On August 19,Netflix releases the announcement video with showrunner Peter Barry breaking the news to the cast. Amy Berg is back as the consulting producer, with Terri Hughes Burton as the co-executive producer. As Netflix now orders the production of season 2, the premiere date is yet to be officially out. Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith.

Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice. And Olivia Delcan as Sister Camila. Alba Baptista talks about her expectations for season 2 and that it will be wilder than the previous season. Showrunner Barry talks about the cliffhangers of season one of Warrior Nun.

The finale of season one brings Ava to a complicated turn of events in which she protects the Halo from Adriel. Adriel is no angel but a devil in disguise. The Order of the Cruciform Sword will seek to figure out what their true purpose is in the coming season.

The nail-biting cliffhanger of season one and the suspense about who is the ultimate halo-bearer is going to be explored in season 2. Ava and her friends are left in a dangerous place, which sets up an exciting premise for the coming season.

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Till then, catch up with the Warrior Nun season one on Netflix. Stay safe, stay connected. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password.

Warrior Nun Real-Life Partners \u0026 Lifestyles Revealed! -⭐ OSSA

Get help. Pop Culture Times. Published By Simran Bhagat. When will Warrior Nun season 2 release?Netflix debuted the action fantasy series, which is loosely based on the comic books Ben Dunn, in Julyand it's quickly earned a following. Adapted for TV by Simon Barry Van HelsingWarrior Nun stars Alba Baptista as Ava, an orphaned quadriplegic teenager who is given a second chance at life when an angelic halo is placed in her back, curing her paralysis and giving her an array of superpowers.

Here's everything we know so far. Warrior Nun has been officially renewed by Netflix as of August 20,and it's not too surprising a development. Netflix typically waits a few weeks to a couple of months after a season is released before officially announcing a renewal, but Warrior Nun looked like a shoo-in for a second season, and that proved true.

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Netflix's mid-budget scripted series, particularly those like Warrior Nun that require considerable VFX work, typically have a wait of a little more than a year between seasons. Film and TV productions are currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the industry is hoping to open film sets back up within the next few months.

If that happens, Warrior Nun season 2 could get on track for a fall release. Warrior Nun 's season 1 finale turns the Order of the Cruciform Sword's entire purpose on its head with the reveal that the "angel" Adriel, who first gifted the halo to the organization, was no angel at all, but a devil who had stolen the halo.

He hid the artifact inside the original Warrior Nun and created the Order to fight on his behalf, to protect him from the wrath of Heaven. At some point Adriel was trapped inside a tomb underneath Vatican City, but he is broken free at the end of season 1 and summons an army of wraith demons.

The season ends with Shotgun Mary overwhelmed by possessed people as the nuns face off against Adriel and his demons. The ending sets up a new fight for Ava in Warrior Nun season 2, to protect the halo from being recaptured by Adriel.

With the status quo completely upended by the finale, Warrior Nun season 2 can be expected to see the Order of the Curciform Sword figuring out what its true purpose is, now that its origins have been exposed as a lie. Hannah has been with Screen Rant since the heady days ofstarting out as a humble news writer and eventually clawing her way up the ladder through a series of Machiavellian schemes and betrayals.

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By Hannah Shaw-Williams Aug 20, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Related Topics SR Originals warrior nun. Hannah Shaw-Williams Articles Published Hannah has been with Screen Rant since the heady days ofstarting out as a humble news writer and eventually clawing her way up the ladder through a series of Machiavellian schemes and betrayals.Netflix's adaptation of the long-running Warrior Nun Areala series of comic books has finally landed, and most critics and fans agree it was worth the wait.

Simon Barry's updated take on the mythology originally created by author Ben Dunn is simultaneously familiar and fresh — a difficult balance to strike in any page-to-screen adaptation.

Barry's streaming series opens with the death of Shannon Masters, the lead character that Dunn made famous in Warrior Nun Areala. Masters death is both substantive and symbolic in that it serves as the inciting incident for the series as well as a ceremonial passing of the torch from Masters to Ava, a new lead heroine of Barry's own creation.

Ava is portrayed to satisfying effect by fresh-faced Portuguese starlet Alba Baptista. She's supported by an able cast of fellow Warrior Nuns and a few stylish juvenile delinquents. The resulting mix is a refreshingly dramatic first season that explicitly begs the question: Where do we go from here? Warrior Nun season 1 leaves all of its plot threads dangling on the edge of one massive cliff, so fans are justifiably curious when, if, and how a second season will be reaching their living room screens.

Here's what we know so far. The series has not yet been greenlit for a second outing, so it's impossible to predict when season 2 might premiere, but signs are looking good for Barry's supernatural morality play.

Past popular series have seen quick re-ups after the debut of their first seasons. If Ava is indeed destined to return to the small screen, then we should hear word from Netflix before the summer's out. Assuming that happens, and If regular production schedules in Hollywood resume, we could see a second season of Warrior Nun as early as summer We'll be sure to keep our ears to the ground for an official announcement.

For all the action on season 1, we lost very few central characters to the vicious horde of demons hunting Ava. As a result, most — if not all — of the principals are expected to return for season 2. Obviously, there would be no show without Alba Baptiste in the central role, so she seems a lock to return. Despite Michael's disappearance through the artifact at Arq-Tech, we also anticipate the return of Lope Haydn Evans, as well as Thekla Reuten in the role of his mother, Jillian Salvius.

One can only hope we'll see more flashbacks toin which case Guiomar Alonso may return in the role of Areala, the original vessel for Ava's Halo. As for the potential addition of new characters, we can only wait for word from Netflix or Barry. Few details are known about the plot of Warrior Nun season 2, but we can assume the series will resume in media respicking up the action in the A-story, which was just about to come to a head.

Season 1 ended on a majorly contrived cliffhanger. The badass women of the OCS had just finished effectively distracting Adriel to buy Ava time to recharge her Halo and manifest a Divinium sword.

Everything We Know About "Warrior Nun" Season 2

Just as she pulls the indestructible weapon, however, Adriel summons a clutch of demons to possess the bystanders, and the battle royale is on. Except, we cut to credits just as the climactic clash is about to get good.

If season 2 starts anywhere except right in the midst of this conflict, the fans are going to revolt. The comic has been published in self-contained arcs since the Shannon Masters' debut in Barry could reasonably draw elements from any of Dunn's pre-existing arcs and tweak them to suit Ava's journey.

Warrior Nun season 1 is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix. Go ahead and watch it over an over until the company announces season 2. All Rights Reserved. When is the release date of Warrior Nun season 2? Who is in the cast of Warrior Nun season 2?Blessed and highly favoured are those who binged Warrior Nun 's first season when it dropped from the heavens above.

Netflix has a habit of renewing shows soon after they launch, so if Warrior Nun is as popular as we think it is, news of a second season should be confirmed soon.

Warrior Nun season 2 on Netflix: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Showrunner Simon Barry is optimistic, telling Inverse : "Anything between five and seven seasons would be lovely. Assuming that Netflix will indeed renew Warrior Nunseason two will take much longer than 40 days and 40 nights to reach our screens. If filming does begin towards the end ofthen it's possible that new episodes could arrive in the second half of Of course, as we all know, everything is up in the air right now, so it's also possible that the Warrior Nuns might not be able to start "warrior-ing" until early It's safe to assume most of the cast will return for season two, including the following:.

Emilio Sakraya figured prominently in the first half of season one before JC and Ava broke up, so it's possible he might return somehow in future episodes. Expect William Miller to play a bigger part this time too in the role of Adriel, the pseudo-angel who started this whole ordeal. In the season one finale, he was outed as the villain behind everything, and it would be weird for him to be sidelined moving forward.

And remember: even characters who have died could also return due to flashbacks or even a holy resurrection. Now that Adriel has revealed his true self to the world, Ava and her fellow sisters will fight his army of demons and hopefully save Shotgun Mary in the process.

Thanks to that sinful cliffhanger, fans have a lot of questions that need answering in season two, including what happened to JC, where Michael went, and how Ava will find the strength to defeat Adriel. The sisters will also have to reckon with the fact that The Order of the Cruciform Sword is built on a lie, one perpetuated by Father Vincent's betrayal, so expect some serious ass whooping there too.

Speaking to Inverseshowrunner Simon Barry revealed that the writers have already started planning what could happen next. So we created a folder thinking, hey, if we're lucky enough to get Season 2, here are some things we could draw from.

After seeing the show completed, we regrouped just to talk about ideas," he said. So, season two is starting to be mapped out, but what about beyond that? How much story could Warrior Nun cover?

With Warrior NunI would give it a window because we're still so early in the process of developing it. One particularly intriguing plot thread which will be explored further in season two revolves around Beatrice's queer identity.

Thankfully, Barry fully intends to delve into that further too, telling Fangirlish : "Should we get the chance to keep going then we'll definitely want to double down on Beatrice's story and backstory and find out where that goes. And I love that Beatrice is one of our strongest and fiercest combatants in this story.

She presents her journey in such a beautiful and nuanced way. Barry will build on the foundations set by season 1, telling Looper that he wants to explore "the appearance of Adriel [and] the relationship with Father Vincent, as the stakes have changed for Ava and the other sister warriors".

He elaborated: "For me, it really is building on what we did well in season 1 and hopefully doing a better job at season 2 if we get it.

warrior nun season 2 release date

I think telling those stories of the other Warrior Nuns through history could be amazing and also enlightening to the present.

And THAT season 1 cliffhanger needs to be addressed as soon as possible during season 2. Barry agrees. That needs to be resolved. As a viewer myself, an avenger, I would not be satisfied with that if I didn't get a resolution and a conclusion.

No matter how hard you pray, new footage of Warrior Nun season two won't appear until at the earliest. Warrior Nun season one is now available to watch on Netflix.Netflix has a habit—pun very much intended—of taking seemingly ridiculous conceits hello, Too Hot to Handle and turning them into surprise hits. Take Warrior Nunfor instance—which, yes, is a real show that hit the top 10 most-watched series list on Netflix when it dropped earlier this year.

What follows is a lot of Supernatural -esque baddie-fighting, spiffy superpowers, and flashy outfits, but the delightful cast rescues this otherwise irreverent show from alienating its audience. Will we witness the epic battle between good and evil? On August 19, Netflix posted an official announcement that Warrior Nun got the green light for another season.

During an adorable virtual reunion that the streaming service posted to Twitter, the cast burst into cheers when showrunner Simon Barry dropped the news that they'd be reuniting soon.

Just in case you needed a lil sunbeam of positivity in your day: watch the Warrior Nun cast get the news that they've been renewed for a second season pic. That said, even though Warrior Nun earned the go-ahead it deserved, it's unlikely we'll see a second season before the latter half of Given that Hollywood has shut down production throughout the coronavirus pandemic, filming will be slow to restart. Several cast members have already spoken out about their predictions for the future.

And in an interview with Refinery 29star Alba Baptista discussed what boundaries the series might push in its exploration of Adriel, a character with a fascinating backstory. She later added that the second season might be even more wild than the first. He also told CBR. So yeah, we definitely encourage Netflix to pursue that. And he revealed to Looper that "we were holding back so many secrets in a way in season one.

The fact that we now have the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, in terms of the mythology of the show. I think it'll be really exciting to take that journey and unpack what we've revealed.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Young Designers Won the Inauguration. Stop Saying You're 'Happily Married'. Four Years in the Front Row. Season 2 is officially on the way.

warrior nun season 2 release date

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