Hooyah meaning in chat

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The Mysterious Origins of ‘HOOAH,’ The Army’s Beloved Battle Cry

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Hoorah Vs. Oorah Vs. Hooah Vs. Hooyah: What’s the difference?

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Word lists shared by our community of dictionary fans. Sign up now or Log in.So, where do the terms originate? The simple answer is that nobody knows, although there are dozens of theories. In fact, nobody can even agree on the correct spelling of these widely used military "words. No matter how one might spell the word, it's an expression of high morale, strength, and confidence. And theories abound regarding its true origin.

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One theory is that the word originated with the Second Dragoons in Florida as "hough" in In an attempt to end the war with the Seminoles, a meeting was arranged with the Indian Chief Coacoochee.

After the meeting, there was a banquet. Garrison officers made a variety of toasts, including "Here's to luck" and "The old grudge" before drinking. Coacoochee asked Gopher John, an interpreter, the meaning of the officers' toasts. Gopher John responded, "It means, How d'ye do. The chief then lifted his cup above his head and exclaimed in a deep, guttural voice, "Hough. Another theory is that during the Vietnam War many American soldiers used Vietnamese and Vietnamese-French expressions interchangeably with English.

One widely used term was the Vietnamese word for "yes," which is pronounced "u-ah. On D-Day,on Omaha Beach, near the sea cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc, General Cota, the 29th Division assistant division commander, jogged down the beach toward a group of Rangers from the 2nd Ranger Battalion, and asked, "Where's your commanding officer? General Cota reportedly followed their direction and, on his way down the beach, said, "Lead the way, Rangers! Is it related to similar cries now in use by other military services?

A couple of the more popular theories:. But the term can definitely be traced back to the Revolutionary War and into the Civil War. Different variations likely occurred with dialects of the military units from different regions of the South and North as well as from foreign advisers during the years prior to the Revolutionary War.

Military Branches General Information. Full Bio Follow Twitter. Stew Smith is the U.

Hooah, Oorah, & Hooyah: Military Slang and Its Meaning

Read The Balance's editorial policies. Continue Reading.Members from each branch of the Armed Forces will have their own origination and why they use the term but generally, it is all the same. Used almost exclusively by the United States Air Force. HUA is an acronym used for the term H eard, U nderstood, A cknowledged or a chant used when a team member completes a task well for morale and spirit of camaraderie.

Various changes were likely morphed through the War of all the way through to the Civil War. Other members of the Navy, including Hospital Corpsman and Masters-at-armsalso use the term frequently. Used very frequently in Army Basic training as a way of acknowledging an order or instruction given by a drill instructor. Unknown, but it likely formed around the same time as the others on this page.

Barracks check in 5 min.! Coined as a type of battle cry to be yelled during training or actual operations, can also be used as a term of agreeance with a statement made by someone. A more recent claim is that Marines serving aboard submarines during the Korean war would hear the Klaxon horn go off.

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Used in the United States Navy. One of the purposes of military training is to teach people from different backgrounds a newfound discipline and skill. Many people may come from a background that did not have a lot of structure or a team aspect so they are less able to complete tasks when working with others. A cadence is essentially something that can be said or yelled by members of a group in order for them to keep the unity with each other.

Cadences have been used for years starting at the inception of the well known sharp military marching.

hooyah meaning in chat

The jody that this term is referring to is a person who stays home while everyone else goes off to war. The military has had many different terms and traditions that are implemented and used over many years in order to strengthen camaraderie and morale while still allowing for the presence of strong military bearing.

Some things you may hear when around military personnel is the term Hooah which differs from branch to branch. The term can be heard in good or bad situations as well as formal or informal settings. No matter the branch, the term is generally used in high morale, high spirit situations as a coin of acknowledgment to a speaker or leader.

Our military training instructor would require us to yell the term after the end of each set in a workout in order to add fun to the strenuous physical activity. It was almost as if the louder you say it, the more you respected your instructor was and the more spirit you had in conducting the exercise. I will definitely say no matter how tired you were throughout the workout, you definitely still had enough wind in you to yell it as loud as you could.

Just like other aspects of military culture, there is a different way of doing the same thing in each branch.By Sarah Sicard October 05, But to a soldier in the U. But how did the primal roar became a mainstay of Army vernacular? For decades, the answer has remained a mystery even to the most devoted soldiers, and military message boards have surfaced theories about historical origins of the favorite battle cry.

Here are the top four answers — as well as some real-keeping from a retired general:. According to E. A group of soldiers esp. When or where, I cannot remember.

Why am I writing this? The Army, nay the entire military, loves acronyms. Gordon R. Sullivan told The Balance. We are battle focused. I'm a warrior. I'm ready.

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Sergeants trained me to standard. Sarah Sicard View Sarah Sicard's articles. Uncle Sam wants you. You already knew that. But for a brief time, he also wanted your favorite flying Austin, Get the latest in military news, entertainment and gear in your inbox daily. By Sarah Sicard October 05, History. Here are the top four answers — as well as some real-keeping from a retired general: It was first uttered by a Seminole tribal chief.It is used to say Ok or understood or is sometimes used to show enthusiasm.

Marines often use it in conversational tone as an alternative to mentioning widget or whatchamacallit. The origin is unclear, but may be related to "Heard-Understood-Acknowledged".

Underwater Demolition Team veteran Jesse Ventura ended his inaugural gubernatorial speech with "Hooyah". We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

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hooyah meaning in chat

While related, they do not always have the same meaning. No one really knows exactly how they started, but there are some interesting theories. Do you know how and when to use each of these terms? Test your military knowledge! Hooah is used by the U.

The word stuck. Hurrah, hurrah for southern rights, hurrah. Oorah is commonly used in the US Marine Corps, and some believe it is simply another version of hooah. However, there are other specific theories about the meaning and origin. According to the Marines website, the term became popular in Korea in This is not the only story regarding its origin.

While it is mostly used and recognized as a Navy Seal term, other members of the Navy use it as well. Battle cries are almost as old as war itself.

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Hooah, oorah, and hooyah are fairly modern calls used today by United States service members, but other cries have motivated American soldiers since the beginning of our great country. The Rebel Yell was another battle cry that struck fear into the Union forces during the Civil War and is one of the most famous battle cries in history.

While hooah, oorah, and hooyah are considered military slang or jargon, they are often very meaningful to soldiers and are part of a deep-rooted tradition of discipline, obedience, and bravery. If you are a civilian, it is important to show respect for these traditions.

hooyah meaning in chat

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Consumer's total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan. Share List. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Armyairmen in the U. Air Forceand space professionals [ citation needed ] in the U. Space Force. The phrase originated with Ranger Battalions and in the late eighties was considered a trait of those units. Beginning in the early nineties it gradually spread across Fort Lewis, Washington and Fort Benning, Georgia, the home bases for the three Ranger battalions at the time.

By the mid nineties the phrase was in common usage across the Army. Some popular usages of hooah include: [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Army, Air Force, and Space Force battle cry. Retrieved 29 September Rodenborough New York: D. Van Nostrand. Retrieved 11 October Retrieved Hooah Race. Archived from the original on 23 July Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Namespaces Article Talk.

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